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Actobotics Nomad


If you read my posts over at then you’ve already read most of what I’m posting today. If not, you’re in luck, because here’s new stuff.┬áIn October of last year I was asked to review a new robot chassis called Nomad. In November I received the kit and began the build. This is the story.

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BARB – Entering Phase 2

Last week I wrote about my frustrations with getting the code put together. Well, this week things seem to be going much smoother. I was able to get the code situated and BARB running. I took it outside to run some range, speed, and terrain tests (and, let’s face it, show off in front of the neighbors). The results were promising and about what I expected.

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Introducing BARB

It’s been four months since my last post. At that time I lauded a lull in my day job that was allowing me to spend more time on projects. That was a lie. About four hours after a wrote that I was completely inundated with work. But that was then. Since that time I’ve managed to shoehorn in some costuming, a much needed vacation to DragonCon, and some time to work on another robotics project, BARB.

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Back to Robots!

Now that the starfighter is built (mostly) and work has slowed down ever so little, I have a little time to get back to learning with my robot. X1 has had a severe facelift. I don’t want to relabel it X2, because the guts and drive are unchaged. So, let’s call it X1.1.

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Jedi Starfighter – A Labor of Geek

20130505 - Starfighter at Maker Fair 02

Late last year, around November, I got involved with a little project with some, now, good friends. Greg wanted to build a 1:1 scale Jedi Starfighter to be used at the Book People Clone Wars Literary Camp. On the first day I visited the shop to lend a hand I immediately saw a problem.

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